To Offset Warehouse, being “eco” encompasses social and environmental issues.

Ethical Fabric Production

Being ethical means our products are designed, sourced and manufactured, to maximise benefits to people and communities and minimize the impact on the environment.

Offset Warehouse strives to adhere to these principles ourselves, as well as only working with companies whose aims are also to reduce poverty, create sustainable livelihoods, minimise and/or counteract environmental problems.  All of the products, people and businesses with whom Offset Warehouse associates adhere to one or more of the following principles:

    • Pay fair wages, improve working conditions and workers’ rights
    • Ensure their employees have sustainable livelihoods
    • Do not use toxic pesticides and chemicals
    • Use and/ or develop eco-friendly fabrics and components
    • Minimise water use
    • Recycle, promote energy efficiency and reduce waste
    • Promote sustainability within their business
    • Positively promote ethical awareness through training and/ or other initiatives
    • Support animal rights
    • Support alternatives to fast, cheap production and damaging patterns of consumption

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