Item Of The Week: Soft Black Bamboo

Lightweight and beautifully drapey, this black bamboo fabric has a slightly open-weave that makes it incredibly breathable.  Although matte and dry to touch, its sateen weave gives it subtle sheen. Perfect for summer days (despite it’s colour!), a great fabric for Bags, Bath Robes, Bed Sheets & Pillowcases, Blinds, Blouses, Curtains & Pelmets, Flags, Gowns, Hand Sewing, Hankerchiefs, Scarves & Neckwear, Jackets & Cloaks, Lining & Pocketing, Machine Sewing, Napkins, Placemats, Rugs & Underlay, Soft Furnishings, Summer Skirts & Dresses, Tea Cosy & Door Stops, Trousers & Shorts, Underwear & Lingerie!

Eco Credentials: Produced by Nepalese NGO and cooperative this fabric is Azo-Free, Co-Op, Fair Wage, Low Energy, Low Impact Dyes, No Finishes, No Genetically Modified Crops, Sustainable

Gets A Green Card: Unlike golden bamboo, it is not considered an invasive species in the United States.

Bamboozled: According to wildlife photographer Andy Rouse, gorillas get drunk on bamboo sap (he stumbled on a group of the liquored gorilla lads on tour while in Rwanda)

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Organic Striped Fabric

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