Tulip Ice Cream Bowls

We like to get a bit thematic with our posts when the #FabricOfTheWeek so inspires. And with the last days (weeks) of summer sun with us, we thought we’d share this lovely and simple recipe with you, sure to impress your various guests!


4 tulip blossoms, stamens and pistils removed

4 large or 12 small scoops of ice cream

1 pint (16 fl oz) fresh berries

Several tablespoons tulip syrup


Prop each tulip in a container that will help it stand upright, such as an eggcup or champagne flute. Place 1 large scoop (or 3 small scoops) ice cream in each tulip. Drizzle a little tulip syrup over each and place a few fresh berries on the top. Serve immediately.

Inspired by: Tyulipa Hand Block Printed Fabric http://buff.ly/14gh8Bb 10% OFF the first 5 metres with discount code TYULIPA (must be logged in for code to work!)

Recipe Source: As seen ‘Cooking With Flowers’ by Miche Bacher £16.99; www.amazon.co.uk/Cooking-Flowers

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