DIY: Fabric Pinwheels

Do you remember pinwheels from back when you were a kid? Well this fantastic tutorial by Jamie will have you dreaming up stylish ideas by the end of the post!

What You Will Need:

Glass Ball Headed Straight Pins

Fabric Scraps

Glue Gun

How To Do It:

1. Make squares out of your left over fabric

2. Use the glass ball headed straight pin to stab through the four corners for the fabric then down the middle to form a pinwheel

* Before you stab down the middle dab some hot glue on your pin to keep it all in place.

3. Keeping about 1/8” of the pin shaft I bent off the remainder with pliers.

4. Apply hot glue and stab tiny pin shaft into branch (if that’s how you’d like to display it)

Here is the link to the original post:

Thank You Jamie for allowing us to share!

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Happy Weekend Everyone xx

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