For the past couple of months we have been selecting our favourite bloggers to collaborate with us for our Christmas Showcase! We asked them to create a Christmas themed project using our fabrics, and we have had a HUGE range of ideas and projects sewn up, that we are going to post here every Friday!

Today: Christmas Gift Sacks

by Cassie Fairy

When Lauren from the Offset Warehouse asked me to be a guest blogger for their special Christmas Showcase, I jumped at the chance. Not only is it one of my favourite online haberdashers, but it also has a great range of recycled festive fabrics ripe for the making, and my head immediately filled with ideas for festive sewing projects. My plan was to create Christmas gift sacks – like Santa’s sack but a little smaller, to wrap gifts with.

crafting christmas gifts sack pattern

The ethical fabric company Offset Warehouse stocks a huge range of beautiful fabrics. All of their fabrics are either environmentally or socially beneficial, including FairTrade, Organic and reclaimed. For my project I needed a few offcuts of different fabrics for the main bag and for the contrasting top of the sack. I chose some soft red wool tartan and a couple of other tartansand checked fabrics that has been saved from landfill. Who would throw away perfectly usable and sizeable pieces of brand new fabric, I ask you?! Well I have them in my possession now, and I got to work on creating fabric gift sacks, using the pattern from the Crafting Christmas Gifts book by J.W Capplens Forlag above.

offset warehouse christmas showcase gift bag instructions

  • Cut two pieces of 30cm x 28cm and a border strip of 56cm x 16cm.
  • Place the sack pieces right sides together and sew around three edges, leaving the top open.
  • Fold the fabric border in half so that it is the same width as the sack and sew together, leaving 2cm open at the top.
  • Turn the top part of the border down, making it double, with the right side and the seam opening out.
  • Make a seam for the ribbon casing around the border piece about 3 cm up from the bottom edge.
  • Place the border inside the sack, matching raw edges and stitch together.

offset warehouse christmas showcase gift bag sewing project

  • Match the side and bottom seams together and sew across each bottom corner, about 4cm from the tip
  • Turn the bag right side out and thread a ribbon drawstring  through the opening in the casing and pull to close the bag.
  • Stuff with lots of goodies and gifts – this bag can be used as gift wrapping for one present, or could be used as a ‘santa’s sack’ stocking for Christmas morning!

offset warehouse christmas showcase DIY gift bag sewing project

This Christmas showcase project is a great way to highlight that the Offset Warehouse fabrics are as good quality as mainstream fabrics and I would definitely shop with them again for more bargain fabrics for my future projects.
Thanks Cassie!

You can check some of our fantastic Eco-Fabrics to start making your Christmas Sacks here!

Or head over to Cassie Fairy’s lovely Tartan fabrics here!

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