Pillowcases are a perfect quick gift for someone and with this method you can combine a range of luscious fabrics and get great results!  Even better, you finally have a reason to pick up that bargain basement fabric you’ve been eyeing up!

Even if you have scraps of fabric that are a bit too short for the pattern, you can simply adjust the border or pillowcase pieces to fit the amount of fabric you have – just make sure the finished measurements fit your pillow size (standard pillows are appx 50cm×75cm).


1. Pick up your two interesting fabrics. Pre-wash, dry, and iron them.
2. Fold both fabrics in half (it’s easier to cut rectangles that way).

Pillowcase piece: Cut a FOLDED rectangle that’s 52cm x 66cm, which means the fabric will open out to 66cm x 104cm (have a look at the illustration for more guidance).
For the Border piece: Again, cut a FOLDED rectangle that’s 52cm x 28cm, which will open out to 104cm x 28cm.


3. Open out the the border piece and fold it in half all the way down the length. Iron down the fold. You now have a long strip that’s 104cm x 14cm.
4. Match up the raw edges of your border strip with the right side of the Pillowcase piece, and pin the two pieces together.
5. Sew the border piece to the pillowcase, using a 1cm seam allowance.
6. If you have a serger, serge off the seams. If not, zigzag the edges. Or if you’re a bit clever, try a top stitch or french seam. This will strengthen your seam and keep the fabric from fraying over time.
7. Iron the seam.
8. Add a top stitch, about 0.5cm from your seam line. This adds extra strength to the seam and a decorative look.
9. With right sides of the fabric together, match up the sides and bottom of the pillowcase and pin them together.
10. Sew all the way down the pillowcase side.
11. When you get to the end corner, keep your needle in place, lift your presser foot, and rotate your fabric to sew all the way across the bottom.
12. Serge off your seam, zigzag, or leave the edges raw.
12. Turn the pillowcase inside out, making sure to push the corners out all the way.
13. Iron the seams flat.
You’re done! One easy pillowcase; one fun looking pillow!




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