Super sweet, wide reversible headbands – incredibly easy to make and wonderfully unique! A fantastic project for Bargain Basement fabrics!


The finished size is 6cm for adults and 4.5cm for children – adjust as you like! Use plain elastic in the back, but if you have short hair you might want to make a fabric covering – for this, simply find some decorative elastic, or sew twill tape on top.

Recommended Fabrics:


Bobbled Wax Print


Tree of Life Hand Block Cambric


Striped Pistachio Green Organic Chambray


White & Brown Organic Stripe Chambray

What you need:

Fabric (approx 45cm long) – two different ones for each side.
Elastic (approx 15cm long x 1cm wide)
Fusible interfacing (not essential but recommended)

1. Cut out the template (see below) and make sure it works for your head size. Adjust as needed – use your head (…sorry, terrible pun).

2. Cut one piece of each fabric and one piece of fusible interfacing (you should have three pieces including the interfacing).

3. Trim around the interfacing approx 0.5cm – this will stop any glue getting onto your ironing board in the next step.

4. Iron the interfacing to wrong side of one of the cut fabric pieces (it doesn’t matter which one). Fold down 1cm edges of both pieces towards the wrong side and press down.

5. Pin the two fabrics together, wrong sides together, trapping the folded raw edges on the inside.

6. Sew as close as you can along the longer outside edges, leaving both ends open (if you’re new to sewing, try 0.5cm from the edge).

7. Cut the elastic to the desired length (about 15cm for adult sizes, 12cm for children). Insert the elastic between the two fabrics into one end and sew into place with a zigzag stitch (reduce tension and use a wide stitch). Repeat on the other end et voilá!



Save this image. When printing, ensure click the option: image fills paper.

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