For the past couple of weeks we have been selecting our favourite bloggers to collaborate with us for our Christmas Showcase. They’ve been whipping up Christmas themed projects using our fabrics, and we have had some fabulous ideas and projects sewn up. Check out our blog every Friday for the latest showcase!

Today: Christmas Decorations

by Elena at Randomly Happy

Man alive I love decorating the house for the holidays, don’t you? I’ve been on a bit of an ornament mission this past weekend. Mostly indulging my obsession for vintage glass baubles. But it’s also nice to mix it up with different styles and not get too matchy matchy.




I found this branch near our house and thought it would be a great way of displaying some simple handmade ornaments in our kitchen. Plus branches for decoration are totally a thing now. I saw it on Pinterest 😉

I made these ornaments Sunday morning, chatting to my in-laws who were visiting and decided to sew them by hand since I was feeling energetic (and/or/maybe too lazy to get the sewing machine out). From start to finish they took less than an hour. So super quick craft alert.

And can I talk about this fabric for a quick second? It’s from Offset Warehouse a purveyor of ethical, eco-friendly fabrics with a great range on its online shop. They asked if I’d be keen to take part in their Christmas Showcase, which is great because a) they have a lot of great fabric and b) it’s got good-earth vibes too. Plus, it’s actually cheaper than some of the fabric I’ve been sourcing recently. Trust me guys, this is a great find (totally my words, not theirs!).

So will you be whipping up some dedorations this year, or have you got ones from past years you use? And do you alter your decorations every year? I do and Scott totally doesn’t get why we need to ‘theme’ the tree!

Material kindly provided by Offset Warehouse. All opinions and ideas expressed are my own.

You will need:

Fabric, I used this lovely handprinted organic cotton from Offset Warehouse
Hand sewing needle
Stuffing, the kind you use for toys

1. On the paper trace out a template in a few festive shapes. I went for a bird and star. Cut out the template.


2. Put you template onto fabric and trace using tailor’s chalk (or whatever you have to hand – I used a pencil). For each ornament you will need two pieces of cut fabric. So for 3 shapes I had 6 cut out fabric pieces.


3. Place one fabric shape right side up. Fold the ribbon in half and position at the top of the shape with the length of the ribbon running to the inside of the shape. This is so when you turn the shape right side out the ribbon will be on the outside. Sandwich the ribbon with the another fabric shape, right side facing down.

4. Machine or hand sew the shapes together, making sure not to catch in the length of ribbon. I pinned it out of the way on the inside so I wouldn’t forget. Leave a 2” (3 cm) gap.

5. Turn the shape right side out. You should have a nice ornament shape with an enclosed ribbon to use for hanging. Stuff the shape with a generous amount of stuffing.

6. Use a slip stitch (or any stitch really) to close the gap you lft in step 4.




Thanks so much Elena – what a gorgeous way to decorate your house and a wonderful use of our scarlet hand block organic fabric! Adorable!

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