Hello, my name is Katie Thomas and I study BA Textile Design at Central Saint Martins within the University of the Arts, alongside directing Eco Vintage, a blog about fashion and the environment. I am interested in sustainability within the fashion industry and how we can reduce our impact on the world around us. Within society across the globe there are increasing amounts of clothing and fast fashion created using harmful dyes and fabrics that are damaging our surrounding environments. These dyes and chemicals are leaking into water supplies and having secondary effects on ecosystems and biodiversity, along with spoiling what is left of the untouched areas of the world. It is also predicted that about 7.5 billion tonnes of textile waste every year is thrown into landfill, most of which is non-biodegradable. It is important to me that we do not leave a negative footprint, however small or large, on our world.

In my blog I focus on eco-friendly products and ideas to encourage the future sustainability of the fashion world, and I will be writing about ideas of how to use eco-friendly fabrics in order to create stylish, on-trend looks that will not contribute to damaging our natural world.

Katie Thomas Eco vintage wardrobe

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