The Ethical Red Carpet look is here to stay!

The red carpet has always been the place to check out the most sensational and glamorous fashions; it’s where celebrities can show off their style and fashion credentials and we can ogle and dream of being able to wear them ourselves…  However, it seems recently something more exciting (well to us at Offset Warehouse anyway!) has been happening. The age old question “Who are you wearing?” is always answered by a big designer name.  But thinking about “Who made what you are wearing?” or “What is it made from?” has never really got a look in…

Until now, there is a growing trend for the rich and famous to use the red carpet to show off their ethical conscious too! There have been some great eco looks to get inspired by this year.

The Cannes Film Festival event sponsor Chopard used this year’s red carpet to show off their range of Fair-mined, sustainable and ethical gold jewellery. It was a part of the Green Carpet Challenge set up by Eco-age’s Livia Firth. The gold is sourced from small, environmentally sound mines in Colombia and Ecuador.

Karlie Kloss Chopard Earrings sustainable

Karlie Kloss in Chopard Earrings at Cannes 2014 (image sourced from

As well as decking out the stars on the red carpet in the finest ethical jewellery; Marion Cotillard, Kate Blanchett, Karlie Kloss, Chopard also made this year’s prestigious Palme d’Or trophy from 100% ethical gold. Find out more about their Journey to Turn the Red Carpet Green.

Palme D'or-2

Fair mined Gold Palme D’or Trophy 2014

These red carpet ethics aren’t just confined to jewellery. Olga Kurylenko stunned at this year’s Oscar Ceremony in a hand dyed organic silk dress made by ESMOD student Alice Elia, who won a competition with Red Carpet Green Dress, another initiative combining fashion and sustainability.

Olga Kurylenko Oscars 2014 (image sourced

Olga Kurylenko Oscars 2014
(image sourced


This just goes to show you really can show off your ethical credentials without compromising style or glamour.

But who says ethical glamour is just for the stars? Oscar dresses come with a huge price tag, out of reach of most of us… making your own is an easy way to get the look for less. Whether you’re budding designer; aiming high to get one of your dresses on the red carpet or an inspired home dressmaker: At Offset Warehouse we have an exquisite range of luxury fabrics just waiting to be turned into red carpet stunners!

Hemp isn’t a word everyone would associate with glamour but our Hemp Silk Charmeuse fabrics are some of the softest and most luxurious we have in our whole collection. The beautiful drapey quality would be perfect for a long flowing gown.

Black Hemp Silk Charmeuse

Black Hemp Silk Charmeuse


Champagne Hemp Silk Charmeuse

With our peace silks you can wear your gown safe in the knowledge that no animals were harmed in the making of your dress.

Natural Draped peace silk

Natural Draped Peace Silk


Hand Woeven Peace Silk Satin 2

Hand Woven Peace Silk Satin

And check out the on trend colours we have in our Raw Silks, don’t they just make you want to get sewing!

Green Lime Raw Silk

Lime Green Raw Silk

Lavender Raw Silk

Lavender Raw Silk















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